About Us

We serve and provide reliable solutions to pests control in domestic, commercial and industrial markets, safely. With our integrated pest control approach, innovative approach to technology and delivery systems.

Our team of professionals offer single -source solution needs. Designing and implementing cost-effective pest control program to improve efficacy, safety and reliability. Developing a project specification with colleagues, often including those from other engineering disciplines. We support our clients from project inception, to commissioning of the fully operational facility. Leaving a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Company policy stresses the fact that ours is a service business and that those service requirements shall be determined by our clients. We take great pride in customer service and therefore sensitive to their needs and that of their professional associates.

OMT PEST CONTROL has the ability to perform on a broad level, yet small enough to maintain excellent quality and contact with our clients.


Create a clean environment and make the areas we work for healthier and pest free.


To be the leading service provider of pest control company in South Africa.


Eliminate pests that could be harmful to the health of the community and household and businesses all together.


Professionalism, Service excellence, Integrity, Efficiency, Innovation.

Growth Strategy

Our growth strategy is built around a marketing initiative and meet client requirements.

Empowerment / BEE

  • OMT PEST CONTROL is a 100% black-owned company.
  • We are dedicated to promoting BEE across all levels of our organization.
  • We recognize affirmative action as an integral part of its business strategy.
  • The company is headed by a dynamic Director and backed up by a professional group of staff, all with the required experience and expertise in their relevant fields, which therefore:
  • Empowers the youth. (In all forms, to show that the youth of today can actually stand up and make things happen for themselves).
  • Empowers the human race. (To inspire fellow humans to rise above any situations and make something of themselves through job creation and poverty alleviation).
  • We believe in being fair and having integrity as we strive to transfer skills with different partners and provide good service with everyone we work with.
  • We comply with various south African government departments and work professionally with the departments.

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